Run engines cheaper, cleaner & longer

Stellar Additives supply a portfolio of tailored Fuel Borne Catalysts to fleets consuming large volumes of diesel, petrol or HFO fuels. Our range of Fuel Borne Catalysts enables us to select the one most appropriate to your needs to increase fuel efficiency whilst reducing harmful emissions. Our ability to reduce emissions helps our clients, primarily within maritime, mining, rail, road, power generation and large fleet sectors to meet ever increasing, stringent emission and compliance standards.

We can help you run your engines cheaper, with:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Lower maintenance costs

We can also help you run your engines cleaner, with lower:

  • Particulates emissions
  • NOx emissions
  • Lower CO2
  • Better performing DPFs

If your business/operation has a large fleet, with considerable years left on the economic/capital life of those assets, and you are looking to adapt to the financial and environmental realities of the modern world, then you need to talk to us.

If you are looking to both improve your Total Cost of Ownership of your assets, whilst also reducing harmful Air Emissions and CO2, then you should talk to us.

Finally, we can help extend the economic life of the asset, thus relieving pressure on capital budgets

Whether you might be a company or prospective distributor, please refer to our Contact Page. Let us know of your enquiry and provide us with your questions and details.

Helping clients reduce operating costs is Stellar Additives primary objective. Moreover, the chemical structures of the products we offer are such that this can be achieved whilst improving CO2 emissions and harmful Air Pollution. We aim to help clients “Run engines cheaper, cleaner & longer”.

Moreover, the lower temperature of the burn both ensures lower NOx emissions, and generates a lower temperature which allows Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to operate more efficiently. (No longer shall DPF’s suffer from an unnecessary blockage). Indeed the chemistry goes well beyond the usual Fuel Additives which merely contain solvents to clean the injectors.

The chemistry of Fuel Borne Catalysts ensures for a more efficient burn in the combustion chamber, where the catalyst in the formulation reduces the temperature at which the burn takes place.

Thus the more efficient burn produces a more productive output – leading to greater fuel economy. It also burns more of the carbon particles, thus reducing the Particulate emissions.

Lower Emissions

Stellar Additives Ltd are an independent supplier of Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) based fuel additive’s to customers with large diesel, HFO and petrol fuel usage. From our portfolio of additives, we are able to identify the product which would best suit the engine fleet and unique nature of the job for which these engines are used. More importantly, diesel + the additive chosen still complies to ASTM D975 fuel standards. Thus, the engines are eligible for warranties as set out in the standard terms of engine manufacturers’ warranties.


As every business is unique in its requirements, Stellar Additives are able to work with those requirements and supply the technology to meet the specific needs of each business, most cost effectively.

Experience and various independent tests have shown typical documented fuel savings of around 4% to 10%. Thus it is now possible to provide a motivating net saving on fuel costs as well as helping the environment. The exact fuel economy savings depends upon the engine types, and the nature of the work profile.


Besides the evidenced productivity uplift the following additional benefits can be achieved at the same time:


  • Reductions in harmful Air Pollution,
  • Lower NOxEmissions
  • Reductions in SOxemissions
  • Reductions in CO2emissions
  • Reduced Particulates emissions
  • Reductions in unburned carbon
  • Reduction in number of burned exhaust valves
  • Reduction in soot
  • Reduced maintenance downtime
  • Reductions in exhaust gas temperatures
  • Increased heat transfer throughout the combustion system
  • Increased energy produced per tonne of fuel used
  • Satisfies all required standards such as ASTM D975 and EN 590