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There are many different types of fuel additives available in the market place. We currently sell a Nano Technology Cerium Oxide based Fuel Borne Catalyst.

Stellar Additives, work with manufacturers and scientists making available the latest science including Nano-technology, to heavy consumers of Diesel fuels primarily in the Marine, Mining, Rail, Power Generation and Trucking industries.

Unlike “normal” additives which primarily serve to clean injectors, Stellar Additives use formulations which contain Fuel Borne Catalysts (FBC’s). These FBC based additives work in the combustion chamber to change the nature of the burn & lowering the ignition temperature. This substantially reduces the temperature at which carbon burns, to promote a more complete combustion and more power.

This more efficient combustion results in a lower fuel consumption, which should improve in time as maintenance benefits translate into further fuel efficiencies.

In addition, a more efficient burn reduces both Greenhouse Gases, Airborne Emissions and Particulate Matter. With no capital investment needed, users substantially reduce their harmful greenhouse emissions and become more socially responsible through delivering cleaner air for all, all achieved by merely adopting a “Drop In” solution, which does not require Capital Expenditure.

Experience and various Independent tests have shown typical fuel savings in the region of 4% to 10% depending upon the nature of the work involved. Material reductions in greenhouse gases and air-bore emissions have also been observed. Moreover, when the benefits of the fuel economy are added to the lower maintenance costs and extended capital life of the diesel asset, then the Total Cost of ownership becomes a much larger number.

Fuel Borne Catalysts

Immediately there will be a benefit when our Fuel Borne Catalyst is used in a combustion chamber. This is because it reduces the temperature of the burn, thus ensuring a more thorough combustion, especially of the carbon & soot. The lower temperature shall also ensure less NOx emissions.

The Fuel Borne Catalyst will also strip any carbon deposits from the wall of the combustion chamber and attract + neutralise Particulates/carbon/soot which is airborne in the combustion chamber. To maximise the impact of this initial benefit, we suggest an initial double dose of the additive to kick start the benefits.

The IMMEDIATE benefits in fuel economy in a test are likely to be from 1% – 5%, but will build over time.

The PROGRESSIVE benefits relate to how the FBC builds it savings by cleaning the engine, and thus its efficiency.

The COMBINED benefits over time are anticipated to show average fuel economy savings between 4% and 10%.

Our Fuel Borne Catalyst delivers improved fuel economy and maintenance benefits. Indeed, the economic life of the asset shall be extended. Thus the overall financial savings are made from three major benefits: Improved fuel economy/efficiency, lower maintenance costs and less frequent capex expenditure, given the extended life of the diesel asset. The Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) savings are much bigger than the initial fuel efficiency improvement to be observed in a brief test. Over time, the immediate benefits then build to the higher end of the scale.

Global Distribution:

We are presently open to interest to offers of national distribution of our products in selected territories. Please register any interest, with credentials, on our Contact Page.

Product Credentials and Compliance:

All the fuel additives supplied by Stellar, have been shown that they meet the various industry standards for which they are intended, thus, ensuring Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) warranties continue to apply.

This legal conformance is demonstrated by independent tests, where the dosed fuel has been shown to comply with both the EN 590 and the ASTM D975 standards.

Automated Fuel Injection Systems

Stellar Additives can supply, via our partner organisation, an automated Fuel Additive Injection Systems, enabling user’s continuous application of our additives in high volume refueling operations. These are compatible with all fuel specifications, a wide range of flow rates & fuel pressures and can be tailor made to suit your specific installation.

For Marine applications, these devices are signed off by the Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Furthermore, integral software with the product allows for both remote monitoring, and a proactive & pre-emptive programme of maintenance.

Contact us to see how, if like others, we can help you to significantly reduce diesel fuel & maintenance costs, whilst improving Environmental credentials. Please refer to our contact page, let us know of your specific enquiry and provide us with your questions and details.

“Professionalism is doing everything that is required plus that little bit extra. It’s that little bit extra that represents value for money to Stellar Additives customers!”